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Could I have rosacea?
15 questions to help you find out whether you have signs and symptoms of rosacea. (more...)

Rosacea in your eyes?
Yes, rosacea can affect more than your skin. Some people get rosacea in their eyes.

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What is ocular rosacea?
Rosacea Treatment: Eye Problems


Ocular rosacea: When rosacea develops in the eyes, it can cause redness and a stye.

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Gentle Skin Care Helps Control Rosacea
Skin care can help diminish rosacea or make it worse. The reason lies in your stratum corneum, the layer of skin you see when you look in the mirror. People with rosacea have a fragile stratum corneum, so skin is easily irritated. Gentle skin care can help reduce irritation and calm the skin. (more...)

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The key to controlling rosacea is to use medications as prescribed, follow a rosacea-friendly skin care plan, and
avoid triggers.

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