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The American Academy of Dermatology issues news releases to keep the public up-to-date on significant research advances, new treatment options and other newsworthy events in dermatology. The following links take you to news releases about eczema or dry skin.

Research Confirms Genetic Skin Barrier Defect Linked to Eczema -
February 3, 2008

New Study Finds Common Skin Conditions Misconstrued As Contagious Could Affect Social Lives of Young Adults - August 2, 2007

Dermatologists Offer Top Tips for Treating Little Bottoms - February 4, 2007

American Academy of Dermatology Responds to FDA Decision on Eczema Medications January 19, 2006

Topical Immunomodulators Prove Effective in Treating Eczema Patients Itching for Some Relief - July 29, 2004

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Creams and ointments are generally better than lotions for moisturizing skin affected by eczema.  Lotions also are more likely to sting.





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